GEX – Green Europe Experience

I am part of the consortium of the EU funded Creative Europe project „GEX – Green Europe Experience“ representing GO Group and Yourope. We’re building tomorrow’s festivals in a three-year-long living lab between 6 european partners based on circular economy in scenography & food.

Climate change & environmental degradation are two of the biggest challenges of our time. In the field of culture, music & arts festivals have a major impact on the environment. (Imagine : thousands of people travelling to a festival, the huge amount of energy to put on the show, and how much food is produced to keep festival-goers happy.)

We need to rethink the production model & design of these events and create festivals future … That is what GREEN EUROPE EXPERIENCE is about. 6 european partners – 4 festivals and 2 NGOs join forces – to create, do & review a sustainable production model for music & arts festivals.

Our Belief: Circular economy based on the 7R model: rethink, reduce, re-use, repair, refurbish, recover, recycle, is the key. It is the best way to reach the relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to face climate change, enhance biodiversity and support equality. The GEX Process is very simple: CREATE, DO & REVIEW. It means that sometimes you win, sometimes you learn!